Water Saving Systems WAGNER    Water Saving Systems WAGNER
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Dear Sirs.

The company Systemy Wodooszczędne WAGNER (Water Saving Systems WAGNER) offers you the best devices which allow saving water in your shower and washbasin.
Our products are characterized by high reliability and comfortable utilization.
We are the only one company in Poland which grants three years guarantee for our devices.

Do you know, that:
  • From a conventional shower flow 18-25 liters per minute - by a shower bath of 5 minutes you spend approx. 100 liters water.
  • From a conventional washbasin flow approx. 12 liters water per minute.
Do you know, that:
  • drinking water is one of the most valuable natural resources, which is practically non-renewable.
  • The water resources in Poland are relatively poor - only 1500 m3 per capita.
Do you know, that:
  • Water saving is money saving.
  • During water saving you can save also the energy of water heating, which has also its price.
For those customers, which will save water, we have an interesting offer.
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